From Victim to Vixen - Ms F.

THIS ONE right here! She had me crying and rejoicing in this path of work I’ve chosen for myself. She was nothing but kind and trusting….she embraced the experience fully. The woman standing in front of me was stunning and resilient and INCREDIBLE. She’d been through SO much.

I knew how happy I was with the finished product, and I LOVEDDDD the images….but I wasn’t feeling assured that even these images that show her as the work of art she is would actually be as well received for her as they were for me.

We sat through her slideshow in dead silence. Nobody made a peep, and I don’t think I took more than one breath the entire time…which would explain how lightheaded I got towards the end, waiting for any sort of reaction at all. The slideshow ended, she turned around, “Wow! Thank you so much.

She had seen what I saw, and she was art.

Her words:

““AMAZING! Best healing experience I've ever had in my entire life (and I've done A LOT). I felt completely comfortable, safe, at home, trusting, and valued every step of the way…”

“I've had a REALLY difficult 12 months in every way imaginable, filled with so much trauma and loss, so I went into this shoot with hopes that I'd feel more comfortable in my skin and with who I've become.

I mean, I knew Mae was an incredibly gifted photographer, Ioved her work, and trusted her process, but I guess I wasn't expecting them to be so good because of my own lack of confidence. I'm my own worst critic and SUPER picky about photographs of myself.”

This is what it’s all about. It’s about changing the way you see yourself, heavling, gaining self love and recognising how incredible YOU are. Thank you SO much, Ms F, for your kindness, your beautiful words, and most importantly for trusting me to give you this experience and these finished products, even when you were unsure you’d be able to cherish them. I’m over-the-moon that you have the most exquisite collection of images to treasure forever.

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