Learning to Love Herself Again – Ms W

Fierce women need to support each other and for Ms. W this came in the form of some stunningly beautiful boudoir photos. After overcoming domestic abuse for 28 years, Ms. W has used her shoot to reclaim a piece of herself. When it comes down to it, it’s all about empowerment. Here’s how she felt after her photoshoot!

“Having had particular challenges in embracing my body and its variations over the years, this opportunity to do a boudoir shoot was the perfect experience to appreciate my post-menopausal body.

Boudoir Photography Melbourne

My relationship with my partner has changed in that it has deepened the joy and also strengthened my friendships.

I was expertly guided through what I should bring along and I felt well prepared not having to worry about worry about a thing.

On the day, I was treated to gorgeous hair and makeup and Jac managed the images around the outfits she helped prepare me with.

The whole experience was professional and discreet. I was allowed the freedom to be provocative but if I didn’t want to that was ok too.

The final images were timeless and classy and I adore them.

I’ve still got it!

Boudoir Melbourne

If you’re unsure about doing a shoot I strongly recommend you push past whatever fears you may have because it is truly life changing.”

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