“I couldn’t believe my eyes!” Ms S.

Before & After Boudoir Bridal

My favourite part of shooting boudoir is the reveal and when clients receive their order.

I love watching women begin to see themselves how everyone else sees them ā€“ as a goddess. Ms. Sā€™s story was no different.

Her images were stunning and I loved watching her reaction as she held each and every one of her gorgeous images.

I adore you, Ms. S. Thank you for working with me. <3

“Prior to shooting with Jac, I had never done a boudoir shoot.
I did the photo shoot to see if it would help me with my self confidence. It also was to double as a gift for both my partner and myself. I am so glad I did I went through with the shoot. I felt so comfortable with Jac ā€“ even though I was doing something that was out of my element. Every single one of the photos were absolutely stunning.
I have never felt as beautiful as I did when I saw those images for the first time. It was hard to believe it was me I was seeing. I feel like that every time I look at them. This experience was so much more than what I was expecting. I never thought I could look that great. The photos definitely exceeded my expectations. I felt comfortable through every step. I would definitely recommend Jac and this entire experience to a friend ā€“ it was amazing.”

Melbourne Boudoir Photographer

Ms. S, thanks so much again for hiring me. I loved working with you and I am so glad you saw yourself through my eyes. <3


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