If my reviews aren’t enough for you, I also want to extend a little extra somethin’

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Interested in a Boudoir Shoot but still on the fence?

I know that sometimes life gets busy, you feel your body isn’t “perfect,” your nerves get the best of you, you don’t believe you could look like the past clients on our website, or you feel like you need an excuse to do a shoot.

I know it’s easy to go negative BUT promise me that you will take the time to read some of the reviews from our past clients here

These women all had the same thoughts you did at some point and each one of them wrote to us about how they’re so glad they didn’t wait another minute for their shoot.

If the reviews weren’t enough to convince you, I also wanted to extend a little deal for you.

I want to do this because I’m so confident you will love this experience!
If you book and mention this post, I will gift you $100 credit towards your order!

Just mention this post when booking!

I really would love to get to work with you, so take me up on the $100 credit (will be put towards your order the day of your ordering appointment) and book your photoshoot with me now.

Jump on the CONSULTATION WITH ME now to book your photoshoot!

Excited, chat soon!:)

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My handle is easy to remember! @boudoirmelbourne
xoxo Jac


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