Bethany – Stepping Out Of The Shadows

“This shoot has helped me see myself from a different perspective”

Boudoir Photography Melbourne

The 2nd shoot out of COVID in 2020. And what a shoot it was!

Beth works very hard alongside her partner with horses all day.

You may have seen her partner’s reaction to her Fireblock at Christmas last year in my VIP Group.

She is about to surprise him with her album very soon. Let’s hope his reaction is still just as priceless if not even better!

Her images are sheer perfection and capture her true essence and beauty.

I interviewed Beth about her experience and this is what she had to say:

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before?
Nope. Never

Why did you do a boudoir shoot?
I did a boudoir shoot as a present for my partners 21st, as well as a confidence boost for myself.

What was your favourite part of the session and why?
My most favourite part of the session was doing all the different poses, as Jac showed me step by step how to pose, and she made me feel beautiful.

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth and self image?
This shoot has helped me see myself from a different perspective. I know everyone has their own body image issues and what not, but for me, I’ve grown up in the background, the shadows of the family. I was always compared to my friends and to my siblings, I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. I suffer from body dysmorphia, extremely low self esteem and this shoot has helped me see that even though I’m flawed, I’m still considered beautiful. I’ve got a long way to go, but this shoot was a step in the right direction.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

My experience was nothing like what I was expecting. I was expecting something very routine and not fun at all. Jac had me laughing the entire time and made me feel at home in a matter of minutes.

What was the best part of your experience? Would you change anything?
The best part would have to be seeing my finished images!! I will never forget seeing my images for the first time, I couldn’t believe that was me. I would not change a single thing.

Is there anything extra you would like to tell us?
I can’t get over how understanding Jac was. I was in a tricky financial situation and she sat there and heard my story and helped out as much as she could! She truly went above and beyond, I will defiantly be booking another shoot in the future!